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LAUS 2020

15. The challenges for LAUS Academy in our New Reality

The world-wide crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the current expansion of the range of art content available on all digital platforms. This migration to digital media was, and still is, a shock to music art, and the whole music community is hoping that it is only a temporary measure.
The only thing nobody knows is how long this will last!
Even those who were not aware of the severity of the situation before have realized that awe-inspiring art helps maintain the hope and mental health of people in their fight against insecurity, anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

We want to help you use this moment to think about, develop and creatively bring forth new formats for the future as well as to perfect the best performing qualities while not sacrificing the basic postulates of the profession and artistic creation. On the contrary!

LAUS Academy Dubrovnik is still a bright, friendly and cooperative community in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The basis of the master classes is made of intense individual classes for the violin, violoncello and piano, as well as playing together in diverse chamber ensembles and performing at concerts.

Our goal is to help young musicians prepare for the international professional stage, while at the same time creating a cooperative network of pedagogues and concert organizers that can ensure that young musicians get the necessary professional experiences. Our results in the past 14 years have proven that we achieved our goal! More than 85 master seminars have been held for the violin, violoncello, solo singing, French horn, conducting, composition and chamber music. Close to 1350 young musicians from over 40 countries from all continents have participated. They performed in over 100 concerts in many beautiful places in Dubrovnik (Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, the Dominican church, the Jesuit church, Luka Sorkočević music school) as well as the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (Ston, Slano, Cavtat, Šipan, Lastovo, Korčula) and participated in many encounters with artists, round-table discussions, filmings, workshops, listening rooms and, above all, spending time with music and musicians.

LAUS Academy Dubrovnik was founded with the goal to offer young musicians the chance to improve under the greatest names of the music industry in the world in their own environment. The important contacts that the young attendants create, amongst themselves as well as world-renown pedagogues during the length of the Academy in Dubrovnik are a source of invaluable knowledge and maturity, and with it, when the attendants are Croatian, the knowledge of Croatian music culture in general.

At the same time we wish to raise awareness about the importance of highly professional representation of Croatian music and art in both Croatia and the world.

During the years at Laus academy more and more young musicians from all over the world have participated, recognising the quality of the academy. Among the over 1350 attendants that participated there have been young musicians from Croatia, but also from the  neighbouring countries Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as over 40 other  countries from all other continents such as Austria, Germany, The UK, Italy, France, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Columbia, Hungary, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Romania and the USA.

Such an interest of young musicians shows that the Laus academy has accomplished its goal and became a world confluence of the best young musicians that come to learn from the greatest musicians of today.

When we look back we can provide a truly impressive list of internationally acknowledged musicians and pedagogues with pride. The master courses at Laus were held by:

conducting:  Jorma Panula (Finland)

violin:  Viktor Tretiyakov (Russia / Germany), Zakhar Bron (Russia / Switzerland),  Grigorij Žislin (Russia), Leonid Sorokow (Russia / Austria), Marina Sorokowa (Russia / Austria), Natalija Likhopoy (Russia / Germany), Kimiko Nakazawa (Japan), Alexander Gilman (Austria / Switzerland), Goran Končar (Croatia), Ivančica Kalanj (Croatia), Violeta Smailović – Huart (BiH / France), Sreten Krstić (Croatia)

piano: Dmitry Bashkirov (Russia / Spain), Stephen Kovacevich (USA / UK), Naum Grubert (Russia / Netherlands), Arbo Valdma (Estonija), Jean-Francois Antonioli (Switzerland), Karl-Heinz Kämerling (Germany), Eugen Indjic (Usa / France), Antonio Di Christofano (Italy), Peter Eicher (Germany), Johan Schmidt (Belgium), Michiko Shoji (Japan), Jun Kanno (Japan / France), Ida Gamulin (Croatia), Vladimir Krpan (Croatia), Vasili Shcherbakov (Russia)

solo-singing:  Ruža Pospiš Baldani (Croatia), Marjana Lipovšek (Slovenia), Alfred Burgstaller (Austria), Eva Blahova (Slovakia)

violoncello: David Gregorian (Russia / Germany)

French horn: Radovan Vlatković (Croatia / Austria)

guitar: Zoran Dukić (Croatia / Spain)

restauration of stringed instruments: Muneyuki Nakazawa (Japan)

Along with master class seminars we have organized numerous concerts by the participants as well as joint participant and teacher concerts, since the concert podium is a necessary part of learning for musicians.

In the next decade we want LAUS Academy to:

  • Strengthen the unbreakable bonds between young musicians from all over the world
  • Enable an intercultural exchange of musical knowledge, creation, execution and refinement
  • Become a stage that connects Dubrovnik with all the music stages in the world
  • Prepare the young musicians for all the challenges that await them in their professional lives
  • Become an oasis of creativity and learning they will gladly come back to
LAUS Academy 2020

LAUS Academy 2020

For us the saying “You get what you pay for.” isn’t true.

At LAUS Academy you get 25% more music at 20% less cost!

As we are aware of the very demanding times we live in, we wish for all of our LAUS
Academy students to have a slightly (financially) easier time participating, so we lowered
the enrolment fee by 20%. We also ensured that everybody gets an extra individual class
with a mentor (at a total of 5 individual classes).

Application deadline

Application deadline

Application deadline – 10th August 2020 at www.laus-dubrovnik.org!


Luka Sorkočević
School of Arts

Strossmayerova 3


- working hours (daily):
from 9,00 a.m. to 1,30 p.m and
from 5,30 p.m. to 8,30 p.m.


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